Keep Your Goal Weight

How to create your unique solution

What if you could make any of the diets out there work for you? 

What if there was a missing link and this book offers you just that?




I'm Line Kolbe. I'm a health coach and a writer.


On this page you can find info about the book I'm currently writing, you can read about me, about my online coaching, about some of my clients who have let me share their success stories and you have a link to my Keep Your Goal Weight Blog. In this blog I give tips to keeping your goal weight, provide useful information and share from the book. I also give tips and advise to both lose weight and build muscle. I want to do my best to help you get to your goal weight, have the health and the body that you desire, and then also keep it while living a lifestyle you enjoy.

Last but not least you also have a link to my Personal Blog. In this blog I write about myself and my life as a physique competitor, trail runner, coach and what I'm otherwise doing. Here I share my private life. In this blog you can get to know me on a more personal level.


Keep Your Goal Weight. How to create your own unique solution. - By Line Kolbe