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Keep Your Goal Weight

How to create your unique solution

About the author of the book and the coach, Line Kolbe.


My name is Line Kolbe. I come from Denmark but live in Sweden. I'm 35 years old. I’m married but don’t have kids. I have a big dog instead. I'm a writer and a health coach. I coach both online and in person and I coach all sorts of people. Competitors, overweight, underweight, young and old. I also own a business with the company Zinzino that is based on health and balance while helping others achieve their goals. I'm also a physique competitor and a trail runner so I spend a lot of time both in the gym working out and outside running.



I've been active my whole life. Started when my mom took my hiking in the mountains of Norway before I could even walk myself. She carried me on her back. I've always been an outdoor person and loved hiking and trail running (and still do a lot of that). I've been doing martial arts a little also, as a teenager, but nothing serious, just for fun and self defense. I was introduced to the gym and lifting weights when I was 18 years old and I got hooked right away. Saw an old picture from the early 90's of Cory Everson and just knew how I wanted to look. The bodybuilding had begun. From there on I read everything I could get my hands on about training and nutrition and eventually I got the education and started working with health coaching and then also writing about it.


I started competing over 10 years ago and I've competed in Figure and Fitness, and after many years of adding a little size finally Bodybuilding and then recently I've done Women’s Physique and strength/endurance competitions like FitnessFive (where you have 5 exercises and the one that does the most reps wins)

So I spend a lot of time in the gym and I also run a lot of trail running in my Vibram Fivefingers and I'm building up the mileage there.



I am not letting go of Women's Physique, because I love that division and I feel so "at home" there, but I feel I also want my future in competing to be more of the strength/endurance type. I loved the FitnessFive competition, that you were judged on being strong and having endurance and that you weren't judged on looks at all.

So I find Physique and FitnessFive the perfect combination of what I love about competing. The sculpting of the body and making it look like I want it to with Women's Physique, and the being strong, having endurance and focusing of health and progress with FitnessFive.


Both Physique and FitnessFive involves many hours in the gym, but outside the gym there's just as big an aspect of my life that has huge place in my heart, and that is trail running. A dream and goal of mine is to complete official ultra trail runs. As I wrote above I've always loved running and hiking and this is the perfect combination of that.

So my future plans involves competing in Women's Physique and FitnessFive, and completing official ultra trail runs.


Work wise I love to coach and I love Zinzino. It's my passion to help others achieve their goals. I also love writing so this is probably not the last book I write.



For me the body is a piece of art, a sculpture, and you can form it and sculpt it exactly like you want it. Then you can sculpt your health and capabilities and get stronger, faster, better. The inside of you is as important as the outside and the looks become a side effect of the your health.


I love to live the lifestyle of never ending sculpting and fine tuning my body and my health, and I’m a person on the mission of showing the world that if you really want something, you can achieve it.




Keep Your Goal Weight. How to create your own unique solution. - By Line Kolbe