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Keep Your Goal Weight

How to create your unique solution

Online Coaching:


I coach in Danish, Swedish and English.


My goal is to help you achieve maximum heath and ballance in your life.

I'll make your diet and/or your training programs.

The training programs can be what classes you have to take in a gym, a running program, a cardio program or a strength training program. If you are experienced in the gym I can make you a specialized workout program. You decide how much you want me to make for you.


Before I can make your programs you have to describe your goals and wishes, and also describe how your current situation looks like. You have to write what you eat on a normal day, how you train on a normal week. Write if you have any injuries I have to take into consideration and if there's something you can't eat because you are allergic or don't like it. You have to weigh yourself and measure yourself (waist and hips are the most important, but you can measure yourself as many places as you want to) and take pictures of yourself from all sides.


Also describe your job and family situation. I feel that it is important to get all aspects of life in sync. So for me to make you the best programs possible it's good that I know as much as possible.


I might have questions and we will probably write back and forth a couple of times. When I know all I need to know I'll make programs for you and mail them to you. All programs I make are personal and based on you and your goals.


Then you start. The first month we will have a lot of contact. I want to be sure that you understand everything I've made for you exactly as I meant it, you might have a lot of questions, and then I also might have to adjust some things along the way. Then when we get into it we might have a little less contact but that is up to you. I'm here if and when you want me to be.


Once a month (this can be different from person to person, but once a month is mostly used) you then have to weigh and measure yourself, take pictures and also write how you think that past month has been. From this info I make the needed changes to the programs.


You can contact me as much as you want to through mail and Facebook.

You get the support you need to reach your goals.


Contact me about prices and deals.




Keep Your Goal Weight. How to create your own unique solution. - By Line Kolbe