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Some of my clients have let me write about and share their successes.

I hope these stories will inspire you. You can do it too, and sometimes it's also good to read that others have had a harder time, so you get that reality check. You really can do it.







Thomas has come such an incredibly long way in his weight loss journey and it has not been without bumps on the road. He has faced challenges where almost everybody would have given up, but Thomas never gives up.


When I first met him he had signed up for training with me in the gym. He had just turned 50 years old and this was his present to himself: A personal trainer, to help him get further. He had – and hold on now – started at 180 kg

(396 lbs) and gone down 50 kg (110 lbs), on his own, but in this great weigh loss he had also lost a lot of muscle mass. His weight loss had come to a halt, and he wanted to build his muscles up again and get the fat loss going again. He was weak and he was actually still fat. Even though he had gone that much down in weight he still weighed 130 kg (286 lbs)


In the year that I've worked with him I’ve seen him get stronger and stronger and I’ve seen him overcome so much. Some exercises he couldn’t even do because he didn’t have the strength for it when we started out. Like squats. That was not even possible. Now he lifts a 60 kg (132 lbs) bar and go down to 90 degree knees. He deadlifts 60 kg. He became a really good training partner and we used the same weights in almost all exercises. He even got stronger than me in some exercises. In the beginning he could not even lift half of what he can now.


But back to his story:


Everything was going great for months, but then in the middle of it all he starts getting weaker and weaker again. I wonder if I’m overtraining him but then it hit’s him. He finds out that he has gotten heart problems. So no training and a lot of tests, a lot of medicin that upsets his stomach. He can’t keep the food in him. Everything just seems hopeless. But not for him. In his mind this is just a set back, not a stop. In his mind he just has to get through this and he can’t wait to start working out again.


To get a perspective on this. Imagine that you have about 100 kg to go down (that's 220 lbs). Not 10 or 20, but one hundred kilos! That is so overwhelming that almost everybody would give up just by the thought of it. Then at the age of 50 many would, to say it as it is, give up right there and get really old and just start a slow death.


(What made Thomas start was a wake up call from his doctor – Lose weight or die – and Thomas chose to live)


Then you get going with the weight loss and then you get another message from the doctor:

Stop working out or die!!

Can you even imagine all of this?

What almost everybody else would have done in this situation would be to give up and think that it is good enough. That this is as good as it gets and then settle for that body. Maybe never ever get started working out again and then end up weak with permanent heart problems. Thomas didn’t even considder this option. His only option was to get the heart problems sorted out, find a medicin he could handle and start working out again. So that was what happened. He had his heart restarted! got a medicin that worked and started working out again.


Then the heart problems came back. Really. Talk about challenges! You finally think you’re through it but, no..


He didn’t give up. He kept on fighting. Kept on wanting to get back to the gym getting stronger again. What this man has been through…

I am so deeply inspired by him.




Then we started working out together again. He got stronger and stronger again. Started going down in weight again. Got more and more healthy.


He gladly said to me, when we did legs a Friday I'll never forget, that he had now gone down 75 kg (165 lbs) since his start, at that time, two years ago.


75 kilos!


Then I had to take some pictures.


So... Here you go. This is what a 75 kg weight loss looks like:







Berit is one of my good friends, I've helped her in parts of her journey and I think we all can learn a lot from her.


She has a passion and a love for everything that you can do in and outside a gym that has to do with being active and improving your strength and fitness, but she hasn’t had that all of her life. She was fat and got the idea to join a gym. A gym I started working in and therefore got to now her. Here she got help to not only get started but also to realize that if you want something you can do it. ”if you want it, you can do it” became her mantra. Everytime she’d doubt herselft she’d say that to herself.


She started to lose weight and got stronger.


Now, some year later, she’s unstopable lifting weights, taking spinning classes, zumba classes, strength classes, pilates, running… and what I find so extremely great about her is that does not do it because she has to, because someone tells her to do it, or because she doesn’t think she has reached her goals, because she has and keeps setting new ones, like running a marathon in 2014 (and this is doable, she did 3 half marathons in 2013). She does it because she loves it. She thinks it’s fun and this is her new lifestyle.


This we can learn from. Don’t do it because you have to. Do it because you enjoy it and have fun. Keep making new good habits stronger and reward yourself with the joy of achieving goals.


Here you see her at the start of her journey to be healthy where she had just finnished a 5k race (where she walked), and then you have her (she has the number 1097) beside me after we finished a half marathon together:





More stories to come...

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