The Book

Keep Your Goal Weight

How to create your unique solution

"Keep Your Goal Weight. How to find your unique solution" is a book I'm currently writing.


This book is not another diet. It offers a way for you to find your own unique lifestyle while keeping your goal weight. It teaches you what to do. It’s written for many different people. For the person who wants to lose weight and keep it off, for the person who has lost the weight and wants to keep it off, for the person who wants to know if there’s a reason to start the weight loss in the first place and for the person who struggles with the weight and wants to not have to fight all the time. I was in that last category and this book is also the product of me finding my way and helping others do the same.


I believe that this book could be the missing link for you and your health for the rest of your life. I believe that what you are about to read can change your thinking about eating, dieting, enjoying food and what’s possible.


Have you ever thought about why there are so many books about losing weight? Obviously because a lot of people need to lose weight, but it could also be because a lot of people gain the weight back after having lost it. There are very few books about keeping the weight off, or as I like to think if it, about keeping the goal weight, and also importantly, keeping it while living a lifestyle you enjoy, where you don’t feel deprived and miserable. This was the thought I had when I first got the idea of writing this book. The next thought I had was that there really is a need for the context of such a book. If we can get people to keep the goal weight, think about how it would affect the health problems we face in the society today, and think about how much more effective all the diets would be, if we actually thought that once we lost the weight we were actually capable of keeping it off. The little effect of having this book before you start a diet to lose the weight could be the difference maker. The reason you will have the discipline to stick to it. You will know that once you lose the weight you are not just going to gain it back again, like you’ve maybe tried before. You know what to do already before you need to do it. That combined with the fact that you should be able to use the principles in this book as a transition, to the lifestyle you chose to have for the rest of your life, from any diet out there. That should make this book a pretty good investment.


Keep Your Goal Weight. How to create your own unique solution. - By Line Kolbe